Communication Failure Between B.J. Upton and Little Bro Justin Leads to Outfield Collision (Video)

upton brothers collide atlanta braves outfield

It’s a shame the Upton brothers aren’t twins. I hear that twins can communicate with each other telepathically, and if Justin Upton and his big brother B.J. Upton could do that, they may have avoided their little collision in the outfield last night simply by thinking, “hey man, I got this.”

The Upton brothers are not twins, however, so the collision happened.

In the top of the 5th inning against the visiting New York Mets, a lazy pop fly off the bat of Omar Quintanilla drifted out to left-center field, right in between center fielder B.J. and left fielder Justin. Usually, in that situation, the center fielder will make the call on who’s going to catch it. However, the older Upton brother apparently remained silent, which caused his little brother to crash into him.

Take a look:

The Braves had better sit B.J. and Justin down for a little talk. If they can’t learn to communicate better, somebody’s going to have to call their mom.

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