Carlos Gomez Had to Run Up a Hill To Make This Impressive Catch (Video)

carlos gomez catch

Whenever we show you a highlight reel catch from a Major League Baseball game, the only obstacle between the player and the ball is usually distance, and perhaps a wall.  You rarely see something like a peak or a valley get in the way of a player trying to make a catch on the diamond, but that is exactly what happened to Carlos Gomez during last night’s game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Houston Astros.  And Gomez overcame it.

You see, whoever was responsible for designing Minute Maid Ballpark—prior to its opening in 1997—thought it would be a good idea to install a 90-foot wide hill with a 30-degree incline in center field to honor former team president Tal Smith.  And that hill, appropriately named “Tal’s Hill,” nearly prevented Gomez from robbing Jason Castro of extra bases in the bottom of the seventh, but not quite.

Check it out:

As you probably noticed, the Brewers were still trailing 5-1 at that point, and they would go on to lose by a score of 10-1.  So that catch by Gomez didn’t mean much, but it was impressive, nonetheless.

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