A Bunch of Pessimistic Heat Fans Left Game 6 a Little Too Early Last Night (Videos)

heat fans leaving game 6 early

Last night’s game between the Heat and Spurs was one of the greatest NBA Finals games we have seen for a long, long time. Miami was down by 13 with a few minutes remaining in the 3rd, they started the 4th down by 10, and then, with just 28 seconds to go, they were down by five. But three-pointers from LeBron James and Ray Allen with a Kawhi Leonard free throw in between sent the game to overtime, where the Heat would prevail 103-100.

So how did the fans in Miami’s American Airlines Arena react to all that insanity? Well, the ones who didn’t leave with 28 seconds left in the game sure seemed to enjoy it.

Oh? What’s that? Yeah, that’s right. Apparently unaware of how the sport of “basket-ball” works, some fans determined that all was lost with their team down by five and less than thirty seconds to play, so they decided to try and beat the traffic.

Maybe you noticed the exodus yourself while watching on ABC?

And here’s a nice little Vine video from somebody who was there in person:

Of course, all those people you saw filing out tried to get back into the arena when they heard the fans inside going nuts—but they were denied. There are no in-and-out privelages at the American Airlines arena. (Go cry about that to Charlie Sheen.)

Here’s footage of several of those pessimistic fans being denied re-entry:

I would say something like, “wow, I bet all those people are kicking themselves today,” but it’s probably not true. They obviously don’t know enough about basketball to even appreciate exactly what they missed. Instead, they’re probably all still complaining about the fact that security wouldn’t let them back in.

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