Kawhi Leonard Posterized Mike Miller Last Night…And Smacked Him in the Face (Video)

leonard posterizing miller nba finals game six

After the Heat’s mad fourth quarter comeback, the Spurs’ response, LeBron James almost fumbling the title away, the clutch game-tying three by Ray Allen, and big defense from Chris Bosh to help seal the Game 6 win for Miami in overtime last night, who even remembers what happened in the first quarter?

Oh, right. Miami’s Mike Miller does. He remembers the first quarter very well, because that’s when he got posterized by San Antonio’s Kawhi Leonard and took a slap to the face in the process.

Are you having trouble recollecting that play? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here is Leonard’s fast break dunk as it happened at full speed:

And here it is in Phantom super slow motion:

I don’t know about you, but at full speed I didn’t even notice Leonard whacking Miller in the face on his way to the rim. Of course, I was looking at the ball, because I’m a fan. One would think the referees might have noticed.

Then again, it’s really Miller’s fault for not flopping to the ground and grabbing his face. Isn’t that what NBA players are supposed to do when there is physical contact these days?

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