27 Ridiculously Awesome Surfing GIFs

surfing gifs

Chances are you have been in full-on summer mode for several weeks now, with the shorts and hats and coolers full of beer and outdoor drunkenness. But technically, according to science, summer doesn’t begin until tomorrow at 1:04 AM ET. So today, I thought what better way than to celebrate the official, science-approved start of summer than with a bunch of GIFs from the summeriest sports there is: surfing.

Now, let me just say right off the bat that I know nothing about surfing and I’m not trying to teach anyone anything about surfing, here. However, like most people, I think surfing is cool as hell, and the GIFs you’ll see here reflect that.

So, ready to start wishing you lived near a beach? Well, then let’s go…


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