Andrew Wiggins’ First Practice In Front of the Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Fans Went Well (Videos)

andrew wiggins dunk

The hype surrounding Thornhill, Ontario, native Andrew Wiggins is off the charts. The kid hasn’t even played a single game in college, but people are already referring to him as the No. 1 pick in the 2014 NBA Draft. And when he showed up in Lawrence, Kansas, this week to move into his dorm and start training with the Kansas Jayhawks? Let’s just say there was quite a bit of fanfare.

On Wednesday afternoon, the 1,300-seat Horejsi Center on the KU campus couldn’t hold all the people who wanted to get a look at Wiggins’s first practice in a Jayhawks uniform. And when the kid dunked for the first time—a tomahawk jam off a fast break during the alumni scrimmage—all of the people packed into the gymnasium erupted.

In fact, here we have not one, but three separate videos of the dunk taken by fans and posted on YouTube.

Here’s one from the benches side of the court:

Here’s one from the other side:

And here’s one from right underneath the basket, just for good measure:

After the scrimmage, the hype continued as a dozen members of the press gathered around Wiggins to here his thoughts on the big game—err, on the practice. Coach Bill Self actually had to step in to save the kid, asking “Did we just win the Elite Eight game?”

So brace yourselves, college hoops fans, because Wiggins mania is coming. Just be glad he doesn’t play for Duke—otherwise Dick Vitale would never let you hear the end of it.

Hat Tip – [Kansas City Star]