Chris Bosh Tells Fairweather Heat Fans to “Just Stay Home for Game 7” (Video)

chris bosh tells heat fans to stay home for game 7

Hey, remember when all those faithful Miami Heat fans started leaving Game 6 at American Airlines Arena when their team was down by five points with 30 seconds left on the clock? Yeah, that was absolutely hysterical. Or at least, it was hysterical to the majority of us around the globe who are rooting for the Spurs.

To the real diehard Miami Heat fans, and to the Miami Heat players and coaches, it was downright embarrassing. The situation just reinforced the negative stereotype of Miami sports fans being fickle, and it has been a big subject of conversation on the news and sports talk radio in South Florida for the last day or so.

It’s also something that has been addressed directly by the players—and some were nicer about it than others. Shane Battier? He was pretty diplomatic about it. Chris Bosh? Well, he seemed genuinely annoyed and actually told those fairweather fans to just stay home for Game 7.

Here’s a piece on the whole situation by WSVN News in Miami. You can hear Bosh’s thoughts on the matter around the 1:42 mark:

I still don’t want the Heat to win, because rooting against LeBron James is more fun. But I do admire Intergalactic Space Prince Chris Bosh for just telling it like it is.

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