Joe Torre’s Daughter Shows Off Baseball Skills, Catches Baby Falling From Building (Video)

cristina torre catch baby

Joe Torre always had an eye for talent while managing the New York Yankees to 12 consecutive seasons of playoff baseball, but I wonder if he ever saw anything in his very own daughter.

If not, he may have let one slip away from right under his nose, because on Wednesday in Brooklyn, Cristina Torre saved a child’s life when she caught a one-year-old boy who had fallen from the second floor of a building.

According to reports, the child climbed out of his second-floor apartment and onto a fire escape.  Torre’s daughter was at a nearby coffee shop when she spotted the child dangling.  She made her way over and tried to tell him to stay put, but that’s when the child slipped, hit the awning of a yogurt shop, and as Cristina describes it, “literally landed in my arms.”

Joe Torre was impressed with his daughter’s deed, saying he was “very proud of my daughter Cristina’s actions today during an incident in Brooklyn involving a small child.”  As for the child, he is said to be in stable condition, while his parents have been arrested on charges of reckless endangerment.

Hat Tip – [NBC New York]

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