Kris Medlen Would Like to Remind You that Pitchers Can Steal Bases, Too (Video)

kris medlen steals base

People who prefer American League baseball will tell you their league is better because of the designated hitter. They’ll ask rhetorical questions like, “who wants to watch the pitcher hit?” And they’ll say they want the games to be decided by the players instead of the managers.

Of course, to all that, those of us who prefer National League baseball will simply say, “you just don’t get it.” We like the fact that pitchers have to hit and that managers have to figure out ways to make the pitcher’s spot in the lineup as useful as possible. We like all the strategy, all the double-switches, all the debates about whether or not the sacrifice bunt is stupid or “good old-school baseball.”

And most of all, we love it when, every once in a while, a pitcher actually does contribute something to the offense—whether it’s a timely base hit, or, in the case of Braves pitcher Kris Medlen on Wednesday night, a stolen base. It’s those types of unexpected occurrences that keep us baseball fans on our toes.

Take a look:

A pitcher doing his best Lou Brock impersonation—how can you not love that?

Way to go, Kris Medlen.

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