Aaron Hernandez to Be Arrested for Obstruction of Justice

aaron hernandez house

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty in the old USA, which is nice. That being said, I wouldn’t count on seeing Aaron Hernandez come off the board too early when you have your fantasy football draft in a couple months. Things are not looking up for the Patriots tight end on account of that whole “homicide investigation” thing.

Yesterday it was confirmed that police were most definitely looking into Hernandez’s involvement in the murder of Odin Lloyd, one of his associates. Now there’s word that they are going to issue a warrant for his arrest for obstruction of justice.

The problem? Hernandez apparently had an extremely sophisticated surveillance system installed at his suburban Boston home, and the cops got search warrants so they could take a look at it and see what happened when Hernandez got home early Monday morning. However, when they got to the house, they discovered that the system had been smashed to bits, along with Hernandez’s phone. So police are pretty interested in hearing what happened there.

They’d also very much like to hear why Hernandez hired a professional cleaning crew to come in and scrub his mansion top to bottom on Monday, because it certainly looks like he was trying to get rid of important evidence.

So, yeah, 23-year-old Aaron Hernandez is about to get arrested for obstruction of justice, and it will likely get worse from there.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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