Mob of 500 Chinese Soccer Fans Loses Their Sh*t Over David Beckham Appearance (Video)

chinese fans riot over david beckham

Even at the height of his abilities, David Beckham was never the greatest soccer player in the world. However, the guy was, and still is, damn handsome. That made him the perfect pitchman, which in turn made him a global icon.

Of course, the lustre on soccer’s golden boy had long worn off for us here in North America. Bend It Like Beckham came out over 10 years ago now, and it’s been five years since he signed on with the MLS and alerted us to the existence of Major League Soccer.

It’s a different story in China, however. Over there, David Beckham is like a rock star. So when he recently paid a visit to a university in Shanghai in his capacity as “Global Soccer Ambassador” for the country (i.e., because they paid him), the guy was mobbed by at least 500 people who wanted to get a glimpse of him.

Take a look:

Be careful what you wish for, China. Right now David Beckham seems like a great idea, but pretty soon you won’t be able to turn around without seeing the dude’s package wrapped in Armani tighty whities on a three-story billboard.

It’s a double-edged sword.

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