Heat Fans Trash Car of Spurs Fans Prior to Game 7 (Video)

heat fans trash car of spurs fan

Well, this ought to help Miami Heat fans with their image problem.

We’re used to seeing rioting and vandalism in urban areas after a local sports team wins a championship (right, San Francisco?).  But on Thursday in Miami, some Heat fans decided to get a head start on the destruction by trashing the car of some San Antonio Spurs fans.

The following video shows a Cadillac Escalade, supposedly belonging to a Spurs fan, with all its windows smashed except for the driver’s side window, on which a kind note is written. It’s not clear if this video was shot by the perpetrator of the vandalism or an admirer, but either way, said person is a huge douchebag.

Take a look:


The funny thing is, the person who took this video obviously assumed that he was posting it on YouTube anonymously. His username is “irod rrod,” and he has no other videos, so for all we know he created an account just to post this clip.

However, this idiot has obviously not been following the news. The government has been spying on us for years now. You don’t think they can figure out who posted this video? Yeah right.

Don’t be surprised when you hear the police knocking at your door, smart guy.

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