According to Nike and Samsung, the Miami Heat Didn’t Win the 2013 NBA Championship—LeBron James Did (Videos)

lebron james nike commercial

There are lots of reasons why people enjoy not liking LeBron James, but nothing sums it all up better than the commercials that have run immediately after the clinching game of the NBA Finals for the past two years.

You will recall that, after LeBron finally got the camel off his back and won his first ring last year, Nike ran a commercial that depicted a jewelry maker crafting a championship ring and congratulated their number one spokesman. Well, this year they did it again—only it wasn’t just Nike releasing a “Congrats LeBron!” commercial immediately after Game 7. Samsung also got in on the act.

See for yourself:

So what’s the problem with these commercials running immediately after the Heat won their second championship in a row last night?

The problem is that LeBron did not win the 2013 NBA Championship; the Miami Heat did. Sure, he was the MVP of the Finals, and he was hands down the best player on the floor in Game 7. But he wasn’t the only player. He scored 37 of Miami’s 95 points, which means somebody had to score the other 58.

Now, I know what LeBron’s defenders might say here: the guy didn’t make the commercials, his sponsors did. And what is he supposed to do? Turn down tens of millions of dollars in endorsements? Hell no.

To that I say, fair enough. Maybe LeBron doesn’t have any say in the process, and maybe his contracts do give sponsors carte blanche to use his name and image however they see fit. But somebody should have realized that running these commercials right after winning the championship is disrespectful to his teammates. They earned the championship too, and they shouldn’t have to listen to Nike and Samsung give LeBron all the credit.

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