Twins Ball Boy Makes Great Leaping Catch (Video)

twins ball boy makes amzing catch

If you’re a ball boy for a Major League Baseball team, this is the kind of thing you dream about—making leaping catches, saving people from imminent danger, making highlight reels, and maybe getting some insanely hot chick’s digits.

Well, during yesterday’s Twins-White Sox game at Target Field in Minneapolis, that dream came true for one Minnesota ball boy—except for the part about the hot chick’s digits…probably.

In the top of the 4th, Chicago shortstop Alexei Ramirez ripped a foul ball down the third base line. The thing was a screamer that was destined to clock some unsuspecting child or elderly nun in the face, maiming or possibly even killing them, but the brave and heroic Twins ball boy was there to save the day with a brilliant leaping grab.

Take a look:

Are you kidding me? All jokes about the fantasies of ball boys aside, that was one hell of a play. Can this kid hit a curveball? Because if so, he could be the starting third baseman for the Marlins right now.

I’m not even kidding. Who is his agent? Let’s make this happen.

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