Eagles Fan Bloodied During Fight at LeSean McCoy Charity Softball Game (Video)

Charity events are supposed to be free of any fights, skirmishes, arguments, or any other sort of unwarranted display of anger or violence.  Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.  Sometimes you’ll see an overly aggressive female wrestle a professional athlete’s shoe away from a young child who was the intended recipient of said souvenir.  And sometimes you’ll see an overly aggressive male get all bloodied after being involved in a fight with another man during a charity softball match.

We were provided with an example of the latter during LeSean McCoy‘s charity softball match on Sunday, as two fans engaged in fisticuffs in the stands, leading to a few arrests and one bloody face.

You can watch the bloody-faced dude get ushered away by the cops in the video below.  And for more photos of the fight, check out the gallery above.

Hat Tip – [Penn Live]

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