Every Single Shot LeBron James Made During Game 7 In One Animated GIF

lebron game 7 shots

If the San Antonio Spurs had held on to win Game 6 and the NBA Championship, I suspect people would have forgotten about the amazing fourth quarter LeBron James had and focused instead on his late turnovers that could have cost the Miami Heat back-to-back championships. However, the Spurs didn’t win Game 6, LeBron made sure they didn’t win Game 7, and today we’re talking about “LeBron the champion,” instead of “LeBron the choke artist.”

Of course, it wasn’t just LeBron’s game-high 37 points that made the difference in Game 7. It was the manner in which he scored them. Unlike a lot of “signature” Finals performances that stick out in our memory, LeBron’s Game 7 wasn’t characterized by domineering drives through the lane or monster dunks. He scored most of his points from mid- to long-range because his basketball intelligence (an aspect of James’s game that is often overlooked because of his physical gifts) helped him realize that was where he would be most effective. Then, when the game was on the line, he made the shots he had to make.

It really was a performance for the ages. And if you’d like to see it all condensed down into one single animated GIF, then you’re in luck, because such a GIF exists. It shows every single shot LeBron made in Game 7, as if they were taken all at once, and it perfectly illustrates what I was just talking about.

Take a look:

LeBron Game 7 Shots GIF

At the risk of sounding overly hyperbolic, that right there is the work of a basketball genius. You don’t have to love LeBron, but you’re crazy if you don’t like watching him play basketball.