Andrew Shaw Took a Puck To The Face Before Winning the Stanley Cup (Video)

andrew shaw puck to face game 6

Last night, after the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup thanks to a miraculous 80-second finale to Game 6, Andrew Shaw was one of the players to drop one of the now-customary victory f-bombs on national television—a profanity that the 21-year-old uttered while hoisting hockey’s Holy Grail above his head for the first time.

I don’t think anybody was upset by the f-bombs, though. In fact, given what happened to him earlier in the game, it’s impressive that he was even skating or talking at all.

Back in the first period, with four minutes on the clock and Boston up 1-0, Shaw turned the puck over to Boston’s Shawn Thornton at his own blue line, and the hockey gods punished him with a puck to the face on the ensuing shot attempt.

Take a look:

That looked like it sorta hurt a little. Of course, I have a feeling that Shaw probably numbed the pain later that night by drinking a few adult beverages from the Stanley Cup.

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