Dwyane Wade’s 10-Year-Old Son Is Kind of Good at Basketball (Video)

dwyane wade son

Gatorade commercials will try to tell you that all you need to succeed in sports is a fiery spirit and a willingness to outwork your competitors (and lots of Gatorade). But having good genes helps, too. Just ask the Mannings…or the Hulls…or the Griffeys…or the Wades.

Oh, what’s that? Yeah, it turns out that the 5th grade son of three-time NBA Champion Dwyane Wade is pretty good at basketball. Zaire Wade is just 10 years old and, assuming he one days gets drafted by an NBA team, it will be as a member of the class of 2020. But at the recent John Lucas Future of the Game camp in Las Vegas, the kid turned a lot of heads. In fact, some were even calling him “the top 5th grader in the country”—like that’s a thing now.

In any case, the point is D-Wade’s son Zaire has some serious game. Take a look:

Not bad, right?

Of course, while Zaire may have his dad’s genes, he wears LeBron’s shoes. Because even if your dad is Dwyane Wade, it’s still not cool to wear Li-Nings.

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