The F-Bombs Were Flying After Chicago Won the Stanley Cup Last Night (Videos)

dave bolland f-bomb cbc

Last night, after the Chicago Blackhawks stunned the Boston Bruins with two goals in 17 seconds to win the Stanley Cup, you knew you would soon be treated to a few choice f-bombs. The only question was. “who was going to drop them?”

After all, while the NHL doesn’t have a monopoly on celebratory f-bombs, they are certainly the industry leaders. These guys bust out the f-word for pretty much any occasion. Just won the cup? Drop an f-bomb. Just won a big award? Drop an f-bomb. Just won the Cup a few days ago, but now you’re having a parade and pep rally? Sure, drop an f-bomb.

So who on the Chicago Blackhawks dropped the bomb(s) after Game 6 last night? Well, there were two perpetrators. There was repeat offender Andrew Shaw, who at least was not giving an interview at the time:

And then there was the guy who scored the Cup-winning goal, Dave Bolland. He was interviewed after the game by CBC’s Scott Oake, and he dropped a nice one:

So there you have it. Where there are happy hockey players, there are f-bombs. Make a note of it and keep your finger on the mute button next time if you have small children around.

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