Gary Bettman Was Booed Relentlessly During the Stanley Cup Presentation (Video)

gary bettman booed

Since Gary Bettman stepped in as the NHL Commissioner back in 1993, the league has endured three work stoppages, the latest of which wiped out half of the 2012-13 NHL season.

And after a shortened 720-game regular season (48 games per team) and 86 playoff games, fans haven’t forgotten that half of their season was lost thanks to another lockout under Bettman’s watch.  So when the 61-year-old Commish stepped onto the ice to present playoff MVP Patrick Kane and Hawks captain Jonathan Towes with the Conn Smythe Trophy and Stanley Cup, respectively, he was booed relentlessly by the fans at the TD Garden that stuck around for the ceremony.

Check it out:

Even Patrick Kane received more love from the Bruins fans than Bettman.  Just goes to show you how much everyone in hockey (expect the owners) hates the current NHL Commissioner.

On a side note, you know just about every player in the league had a smile on his face after hearing that.

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