LeBron James Nearly Decapitated During Miami Heat Victory Parade (Video)

lebron ducking overpass heat victory parade

When planning a victory parade to celebrate an NBA Championship, double-decker buses probably aren’t the best option if the parade route has a lot of overpasses. Both the buses and the players are abnormally tall, so you’re not going to have a lot of clearance overhead. Things could get dicey.

Don’t believe it? Just ask 2013 NBA Finals MVP LeBron James. On Monday, the guy was parading around Miami atop double-decker buses with the rest of his teammates, celebrating their second championship in as many years, and the guy had a few pretty close calls while going underneath overpasses.

Take a look:

The thing is, none of that was really necessary. Just put the guys on flatbed trucks and you don’t have a problem. Or, if you insist on the double-decker buses, tell the driver to be extra cautious and slow the hell down when he’s approaching overpasses. The last thing you want is to decapitate the best basketball player in the world while celebrating a championship that he just won for your city.

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