Check Out this Bull Dog’s LeBron James Imitation (Video)

bull dog lebron james immitation

You know what’s really great about LeBron James? He’s complex. You can’t just slap one single label on the guy. He’s not just the greatest basketball player on earth, or a big whiny baby, or a nice guy, or a douche bag, or a hero, or a villain, or a clutch shooter, or a choke artist—he’s all of those things. And that’s what makes him so unique. Usually our sports superstars are either loved or hated. They’re either Payton Manning, or they’re Alex Rodriguez. But not LeBron. We can sing the guy’s praises one minute, and then make fun of him the next.

I certainly do that. One day I praise the guy as being a basketball genius, but the next I’m criticizing him for being out of touch. Is that contradictory? Absolutely not. The guy is both of those things.

So what side of LeBron am I going to focus on today? Well, I’m kind of done singing the guy’s praises for a while…so how about a video of an English bull dog doing an imitation of LeBron’s flopping?

Take a look:

This video was sent to us by reader Erik Gledhil. Obviously, Erik is a big LeBron fan and a dog-training expert.

I wonder if he can teach Tinkerbelle here how to Tebow?

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