Norwegian Soccer Player Elise Thorsnes Creates Quite the Buzz with Racy Twit Pic

elise thorsnes

The lovely and talented Elise Thorsnes is the Norwegian national team’s top striker. Some accounts say she has recorded 109 goals in 139 club matches. Others say it’s more like 122 goals in 155 club matches. Either way, the 24-year-old is a scoring machine. So for that reason, when Thorsnes suffered what was initially called a “lower abdominal injury” recently, it was big news in Norway because it meant she might miss the 2013 Women’s European Championship next month.

But what exactly was that “lower abdominal injury,” some wondered.

Well, it turns out that it was actually some sort of vaginal injury. Not sure what kind of vaginal injury, but a vaginal injury nonetheless. And after the media got wind of it and exposed the true nature of Throsnes’s injury, she decided to have a little fun with all the attention it was getting by tweeting this:

elise thorsnes tweet photo panties
Why yes, that is an ice pack shoved down Ms. Thorsnes’ panties. And in case you don’t happen to know Norwegian, the caption reads:

Thanks for all the inquieries about my tin after the report on TV2. We are doing fine without warm hands and the like.

Tin? Yeah, that’s Norwegian slang for vagina.

So, anyway, who’s excited for the Women’s Euro 2013?!?!

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