Muninori Kawasaki Gives Us One More Great Video Before Heading Back to the Minors (Video)

emilio bonifacio interviewing munenori kawasaki

It’s a sad day for Toronto Blue Jays fans.  Actually, it’s a sad day for any baseball fan who enjoys watching guys who play the game with unbridled joy, as if they are aware of how lucky they are to be playing baseball for a living. Superstar shortstop Jose Reyes is back from the disabled list, and fan-favorite Munenori Kawasaki has been sent back to the minors.

Of course, as Kawasaki himself pointed out, there’s no need to be too upset. “It’s not as if I’ve died,” he reminded us. Besides, he’ll get called up again if anyone else hits the DL, and he’ll certainly be one of the September call-ups when MLB rosters expand.

Moreover, prior to the Jays-Rays game last night in Tampa, the plucky utility man gave us all one more classic Muni video to tide us over until his return. It features Jays teammate Emilio Bonifacio pretending to be a broadcaster, asking Kawasaki what he thinks about Jose Bautista.

Take a look:

I’d say Bonifacio probably doesn’t have a future as a broadcaster when he retires, but Muni was his usual hilarious self.

Good luck in Buffalo, Kawasaki. See you in September.

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