Patrick Kane Wears a Unicorn Head as Blackhawks Partied With Fans Last Night (Video)

patrick kane unicorn head

After emerging victorious from the most grueling competition in professional sports—a.k.a. the Stanley Cup Playoffs—you gotta figure the champions are going to let off a little steam.

Last night in Chicago, the mighty Blackhawks, 2013 Stanley Cup Champions, did exactly that. With their wives, girlfriends, and perhaps even a few casual acquaintances in tow, the kings of the hockey world made the rounds to some of Chicago’s hottest clubs. Then, at about 1:30 AM Wednesday morning, they made their final stop of the night at Board Room, where they received a warm welcome.

Take a look (and watch for Patrick Kane in a unicorn head at the 1:44 mark):

Now, if you found yourself wondering where the hell the Stanley Cup was in all of that debauchery, it seems that Lord Stanley’s Chalice had an early bedtime, and so it wasn’t able to make all the stops on the Blackhawks party bus itinerary. However, the Cup was with the team at their first stop of the night at a bar called Rockit. There, the champions greeted their adoring fans from second story windows, held up the cup for them to see, and then sprayed them all with champagne.

If you’d like to see some video of that, click here, courtesy of Instagram user stevegogreen.

In any case, while the Los Angeles Kings decided to do their post-Cup partying in Las Vegas last year, the Blackhawks opted to bring the Cup to the fans and share the celebration with them. You gotta love that.

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