Thailand Is a Magical Place Where Chubby 6-Year-Old Boys Are Forced to Take Muay Thai Beatdowns from Little Girls (Video)

6-year-old muay thai fighter crying

Did you know that, in Thailand, they put kids as young as six years old in the Muay Thai ring and make them fight for the entertainment of adults? Because they do. And they don’t even make the kids wear helmets. They just stick them in there and tell them to punch and kick away.

Sound messed up? Well, it is. And I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t believe me. I wouldn’t believe me either—except for the fact that I have video proof of this.

Actually, video proof of this is all over YouTube. But the video we have for you here is possibly the most messed up, depressing one of them all.

No, thankfully no children appear to be seriously harmed. It’s just a video of a fat little 6-year-old boy fighting a skinny little girl who is older and taller. At first, he seems like maybe he’s actually willing to participate in the bout, but then the punching and kicking begins, and that is soon followed by lots of crying and pleading with the referee to stop the fight.

Take a look:

Man, that is f**ked up.

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