Neymar Was Diving Like a Brazilian Greg Louganis Yesterday (Video)

neymar dive

Brazilian superstar Neymar has looked pretty good during the 2013 Confederations Cup. He’s scored some goals, done some pretty nice trash-talking, and given the entire soccer-mad nation of Brazil reason to believe they might just win the World Cup next summer on home soil.

Unfortunately, while he has proven himself to be a cut above most soccer players in terms of shear talent, Neymar has also shown that he is just like everyone else when it comes to diving. And in that respect, I guess you could say he’s a lot like LeBron James.

How bad is Neymar’s diving? Well, here’s a pretty dramatic example from yesterday’s semifinal match against Uruguay:

Nice try, Neymar. Here’s a suggestion though. When trying to make it look like somebody just whacked you in the face, don’t leap backward and leave your feet. That kind of thing might happen if you get hit by a bus or something, but not when you get slapped.

Just sayin’.

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