Neymar Talks Trash and Blows Kisses Before Delivering Game-Winning Corner Kick (Videos)

neymar trash talk

In case you were wondering, that epic penalty kick fail Neymar gave us back in November has not shattered the guy’s confidence.

Now, maybe you’re saying something like, “well, why would it? Everybody blows it now and then.” But in sports, sometimes really weird errors can get into your head. Remember when Yankees third baseman Chuck Knoblauch suddenly couldn’t throw the ball to first base anymore? Or when Cardinals pitcher Rick Ankiel suddenly lost the ability to throw the ball anywhere near the plate?

Okay fine, those are both baseball examples, but sports is sports, and psychology is psychology. It can happen in soccer, too. But like I said, it didn’t happen to Neymar. The guy has been a stud at the Confederations Cup in Brazil this week, and his confidence is as high as ever. Just look at last night’s semifinal game against Uruguay.

In the 86th minute, with the score tied 1-1, Neymar was preparing to deliver a crucial corner kick that could decide the outcome of the game. However, before the delivery, he still took the time to trash talk Uruguay’s Alvaro Gonzalez and he even blew him a little kiss:

Then Neymar put the corner kick right on the head of Paulinho for the game-winner:

Will Neymar have the same swagger in the finals against Spain—oops, I’m sorry, in the finals against Spain…or Italy? We’ll have to wait and see.

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