According to PornHub, as Soon as the Bruins Lost the Stanley Cup, Boston Fans Started Masturbating

sad bruins

According to this one pornography website you’ve probably never heard of called PornHub, as soon as Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals was over and the Boston Bruins were defeated by the Chicago Blackhawks, Boston sports fans sought to console themselves in the warm embrace of…um, never mind.

How does PornHub know this? Because, according to their numbers, while traffic to their site from the Boston area was low during the game on Monday night, it spiked a whopping 42% at 11:00 PM. So as soon as the Blackhawks started skating around with the Cup over their heads, Bruins fans started watching porn to take their minds off the pain of defeat.

Take a look at this amazing bar graph:

pornhub chicago boston bar graph

As you can see, at the start of Game 6, Bostonians were way more into the game than the folks in Chicago. Their visits to PornHub were down 25% from site average, while Chicago’s visits were down just 11%. As the game went on, however, both cities were equally enthralled, and thus, glued to the TV.  Then, when the Blackhawks finally emerged victorious, the traffic to PornHub from Chicago remained extremely low because everyone was busy dancing in the streets, while the traffic from Boston went way up, far beyond the national average.

Conclusion: apparently, nothing takes your mind off a loss like good, old-fashioned smut.

Hat Tip – [Puck Daddy]

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