Sacramento Kings Offer Season Tix to Anyone Who Sinks Half-Court Shot, Then Five People Actually Do It (Video)

sacramento kings half-court shot season ticket contest

In case you haven’t noticed, the Sacramento Kings have really sucked for, oh, the last decade or so. Then, as if putting garbage out there on the floor for all those years wasn’t bad enough, the former owners, the Maloofs, tried to sell the team to a Seattle-based ownership group this year.

Fortunately for basketball fans in Sacramento, Silicon Valley tech mogul Vivek Ranadivé stepped in to save the day. He and his ownership group bought the Maloof’s share of the Kings for $347 million, setting the team’s overall value at $535 million, which is an NBA record.

However, Ranadivé knows that just keeping the team in Sacramento isn’t going to be enough to make them a profitable franchise. He knows they need to get better, and that they must win over the hearts of disenchanted fans. So for that reason, the Kings recently had a little event for fans at Sleep Train Arena (no, really, that’s what it’s called) with a very cool promotion: sink a half-court shot, get season tickets.

Sounds like a great idea, right? Get people excited about the Kings, get some good publicity, and give up, what, maybe one or two season ticket packages?

Yep, great idea. Only they didn’t end up giving out just one or two season ticket packages. They had to give out five—because five freaking people made half-court shots.

Take a look:

Ultimately, this isn’t going to cost the Kings a ton of money. They were last in the league in attendance last year, averaging just 13,749 per game, so the prizes aren’t going to cut into their revenue stream. Still, I bet they’ll think twice about running that promotion again in the future.

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