Bill Simmons and Doc Rivers Exchanged Verbal Jabs During the NBA Draft on ESPN Last Night (Videos)

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It’s been a really bad week for Boston sports fans. The Bruins lost the cup, the Patriots lost a Pro Bowl tight end, and the Celtics lost…well, everything. So obviously you’d expect the most famous Boston sports fan in the world, Bill Simmons, to be a little perturbed during ESPN’s coverage of the 2013 NBA Draft.

He was. When his panel members asked him for his take on the blockbuster trade that sent 107 years worth of players (Kevin Garnett is 37; Paul Pierce and Jason Terry are 35) to the Nets, he started off with a long, crestfallen pause. Then, shockingly, he voiced his disapproval:

Obvioiusly, Simmons was not happy with the trade. But his reaction there was nothing compared to the verbal sparring he engaged in with former Celtics coach Doc Rivers earlier in the telecast.

Actually, I guess it’s not technically “sparring” since the two aren’t talking directly to one another. But it is snarky.

Take a look:

Well, that was awkward. Could the other guys at the ESPN desk have been any quieter?

As for the actual spat, it seems a little silly. I’ve got nothing against Simmons expressing his views and wearing his heart on his sleeve. That’s what makes him so unique. But Doc Rivers had every reason to leave the Celtics. He didn’t quit on the Celtics; the Celtics quit on the Celtics. So Simmons might have a legit complaint about the way Rivers handled the situation, with his contradictory statements, but all in all, you can chalk this up to a Celtics superfan being really bummed out about his team getting gutted.

What do you think, though? Did Rivers quit on the Celtics?

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