Chinese Soccer Player Ejected for Dragging Injured Opponent Off the Field (Video)

wang shouting chinese soccer player

I don’t know any sports fan who isn’t sick to death of flopping and diving. I mean, in places like Brazil people are too busy dancing and making love to notice. And I’m sure there are some folks over in France who, with all their ennui and postmodern tristesse, probably don’t mind diving all that much. But here in North America we’re still clinging to notions like “sportsmanship” and “fairplay,” so it bugs us when players fake injuries to draw penalties.

Apparently this is something we have in common with the Chinese. Or, if you don’t like making broad cultural generalizations based on the actions of one individual, it’s something we have in common with Chinese soccer player Wang Shouting (real name, swear to God).

On Wednesday night, Shanghai Shenhua of the Chinese Super League was trailing Changchun Tatai 1-0 in the waning minutes of their match when Australian midfielder Matt Mckay decided to waste a little time by falling to the ground and clutching his stomach after a very tame collision.

But Wang Shouting? That guy wasn’t having any of that sh*t. So he went over and dragged the phony off the field.

The referees gave the guy a red card for this, and he complained. But I’m sure afterward he probably thought it was totally worth it.

Take a look:

Keep up the good work, Wang Shouting.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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