Foul Ball Scares the Everliving Hell Out of White Sox Fan Sitting Behind Home Plate (Video)

girl screams scared by foul ball

Most baseball fans would love to sit in the first row right behind home plate. However, this vantage point does not come without its drawbacks. For example, if you should suffer a serious lapse in judgement and do something very inappropriate, you will be on television and, subsequently, the internet. Similarly, if you are not paying attention to the game, and a foul ball comes straight at you and scares you half to death, that will also wind up on the internet.

Just ask these two White Sox fans. On Wednesday night in Chicago, with the New York Mets baseball squadron in town wrapping up their series against the White Sox, a foul ball off the bat of Juan Lagares in the top of the fifth flew straight back and hit the backstop, just in front of two young women. Even if they were watching the game closely, they probably would have been pretty startled, with human reflexes being the way they are. But these two were not paying attention, so the close call freaked them out and elicited quite the blood-curdling scream.

Take a look:

Like I said, sitting in the front row has its disadvantages. Ending up on this website is one of them.

Sorry, ladies.

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