Bus Gets Stuck Under Finish Line At Tour De France (Video)

bus crash finish line tour de france

In news that may have made a good climax for a goofy Tour de France-themed comedy, the driver of the Orica GreenEdge team bus attempted to drive through the finish line ahead of the cyclists but got stuck under the banner.

It happened as a result of the driver ignoring the lack of clearance between the bus and the banner, and makes for a good lesson to all of us about the importance of paying attention to road signs.

In order to dislodge the bus and clear the way, Tour de France officials had to deflate the bus’s tires and roll it out of the way. If they hadn’t been able to move the bus, officials were going to shorten the Tour de France’s opening stage by two miles through a different route—so it’s a good thing they were able to get it out of the way in time.

There’s some video and an image of the incident below. Check it out and think about how much worse this could have been!

Tour de France team bus stuck

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