Golfer D.H. Lee Flips Off Gallery After Bad Shot (Video)

DH Lee Flips Bird

As anyone who’s ever played any golf knows, it can be a very frustrating experience. It’s not uncommon after a lousy shot to want to throw your clubs, burn your bag, and curse the day you ever decided to play golf in the first place. And it is kind of reassuring to know that the pros aren’t above this, as 25-year-old newcomer D.H. Lee proved on the 12th hole of the AT&T National on Saturday.

After overshooting the green, Lee gave a one-fingered salute to no one in particular—and apologized for it afterward.

According to Lee, “it was just for me. My ball. It was frustration. It wasn’t aimed at anyone.” I’m sure that’s a relief to anyone who happened to be in the crowd when it happened.

You can check out the video of D.H. Lee flipping off his golf ball below. And for you sensitive viewers out there, don’t worry, as the finger has been censored in the video.

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