The Butler Bulldog Is Training Hard for the Big East (Video)

butler bulldog training for big east

When I heard there was a video of Trip, the Butler Bulldog, training for the school’s transfer to the new Big East Conference, I kind of figured it would show him doing a bunch of Catholic stuff, like studying the catechism, hanging out with the Pope, and praying to the Blessed Virgin Mary. After all, that’s the only real difference between Butler and the other schools in the conference—Butler isn’t Catholic. When it comes to basketball, Butler is pretty much on par.

Unfortunately, as awesome as it would have been to see a bulldog praying the rosary, the video is nothing like that. Instead, it just shows Trip running around Butler’s campus doing stuff.

It’s kind of amusing, because who doesn’t love bulldogs? However, it’s also kind of lame, because Brad Stevens cannot act, and there is no real reference to any of Butler’s actual Big East opponents.*

Take a look:

Ah well. At least they tried. I still like Butler.

*Seriously, couldn’t they at least have had the dog tear apart a stuffed eagle or something? Or maybe biting the nads of some priest?**

**Okay, that would be too much. But the eagle thing would have been fine.

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