Must-See Hit: Eskimos’ O-Lineman Obliterates Roughriders’ Defensive Back During Week One of the CFL Season (Video)

o'donnell hit on ferri

This past weekend was a big one for Canadians.  Not only did we (yes, I am ‘Canadian, eh!) celebrate our country’s 146th birthday yesterday, but it also marked the beginning of the 2013 CFL season.

Capping off an exciting week one of the new Canadian Football League season was Saturday’s match-up between West Division rivals, the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Edmonton Eskimos.  And it is there, at Edmonton’s Commonwealth Stadium, that we were treated to the hardest hit of the weekend, and perhaps the hardest hit we will see all season, as Eskimos offensive lineman Matthew O’Donnell (6’11”, 340-pounds) completely obliterated Roughriders defensive back Diamond Ferri (5’10”, 204-pounds) along the sidelines during an interception return.

Check it out:

O’Donnell, like every offensive player, has probably dreamed about putting a licking on a defensive player throughout his entire football career, and on Saturday he got to live out that fantasy, albeit, at the expense of Diamond Ferri’s well-being.  But despite being on the losing end of that collision, Ferri was on the winning end of the final score, which was 39-18 in favor of the Roughriders.


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