This Is the “Greatest Hit in the History of Football” According to the LFL (Video)

huge lfl hit

For a professional sports league that owes its entire existence to lingerie and wardrobe malfunctions, and dedicates so much of its promotional efforts to completely fake meltdowns and controversies, the LFL does actually produce a surprising number of epic hits.

Today we’ve got another one for you. I’m not sure if it really is the “greatest hit in the history of football,” as the title of the clip claims, but it is pretty freakin nasty. It features Los Angeles Temptation safety Ashley Salerno destroying Chicago Bliss receiver Kelley Schroeder. Sure, the play was illegal, as Schroeder was a “defenseless receiver,” but that hasn’t kept the LFL marketing department from promoting it.

Take a look:

That, ladies and gentlemen, is why this is the greatest female lingerie football league in the world.

Also, this.

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