New Zealand Rugby Player Earns a Three-Week Suspension with this Dirty Tackle (Video)

nonu tip tackle on marshall

I don’t know a whole lot about rugby, but I would have assumed that you are not supposed to pick up your opponent and slam them into the ground head-first. It just seems like that would be something people frown upon.

Well, as it turns out, it is something people frown upon. That’s why New Zealander Ma’a Nonu of the (Dunedin) Highlanders has been suspended from Super Rugby league play for three weeks.

On Saturday, during a Super Rugby league game against the (Christchurch) Crusaders, Nonu performed what they call a “tip tackle” on Crusaders winger Tom Marshall, lifting him up and driving him to the ground head-first. Fortunately Marshall wasn’t hurt, but Nonu got a red card and a lengthy suspension.

And if three weeks seems like a long time, consider that the suspension was going to be four weeks. However, the Super League judicial committee decided that, while the tackle was “executed poorly,” there was “no intention to hurt the opponent.” So for that, they decided to reduce the penalty by one whole week.

In any case, here is video of the tackle. Judge for yourselves whether the penalty is too harsh, too lenient, or just right:

Hat Tip – [ESPN Scrum]

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