Watch This Amazing Super Slow-Mo Replay of a Bug’s Near Death Experience at Wimbledon (GIF)

wimbledon bug slow-motion

There are lots of things super slow-motion replay is good for. Breaking down the mechanics of a golf swing would be one obvious use. Determining if a receiver actually had possession of a ball before he dropped it would be another.

However, there are also less obvious, though still-entertaining, uses for super slow-mo—like watching helpless creatures narrowly avoid horrific deaths.

Yes, I know that sounds strange. But we’ve seen two very amusing cases of this over the last couple of months. Back in May, you see, there was the pigeon who nearly got obliterated by a race car at a GP2 Series race in Monaco. Now, today, we have a bug that nearly got squashed on the court at Wimbledon.

I know “bug almost gets squashed” doesn’t sound all that interesting, and from a “do we care about bugs?” perspective, it’s not. But from a sports technology perspective, it’s pretty amazing. Take a look at the GIF:

wimbledon bug
This is from yesterday’s match between Laura Robson and Kaia Kanepi. Obviously, if that bug had any feelings, he’d be glad to be alive.

Actually, he may very well have been eaten by a bird by now. But you get what I’m saying. It was a close call.

Hat Tip – [Next Impulse Sports]

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