Chad Johnson Tries to Steal Robert Grill’s Thunder with Video of a 24 MPH Treadmill Sprint at a 2.5% Incline (Videos)

chad johnson 24 mph treadmill

June and July are usually pretty slow months for NFL news. The draft is long over, but training camp is still weeks away. It can therefore be pretty difficult for football addicts to fill the void.

Luckily we have YouTube and guys like Robert Gill and Chad Johnson to provide minor diversions.

Who is Robert Grill, you ask? Oh, just a 29-year-old rookie wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals. The guy played just one year of football in high school, and in college he tried to make it in basketball and track, but neither worked out. Then, after college, Grill decided he wanted to try football again. So he started trying out for various indoor football teams, as well as the Buffalo Bills and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the CFL. But while he became a bit of a legend for his incredible speed—the guy runs the forty in 4.2 seconds—he never really progressed toward his ultimate goal…until April. That’s when Cardinals scout Josh Scobey called and asked him if he’d come workout for Arizona.

He did, and they gave him a three year contract.

Then, last week, Grills cemented his urban legend status when he uploaded a pretty insane video to YouTube. In it, the guy runs on a treadmill—at 25 miles per hour.

Pretty impressive, right?

Well, the out-of-work Chad Johnson decided to hop on Grills’ publicity train and make a little video of his own in which he runs on a treadmill at 24 miles per hour—at a 2.5% incline.

So here’s the million dollar question: who has a better chance of actually making an NFL roster this year? Robert Grill, or Chad Johnson?

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