Reds Pitcher Homer Bailey Throws Another No-Hitter, Drops Requisite F-Bomb in Postgame Interview (Videos)

homer bailey no-hitter 2

Yesterday, ironically named Cincinnati Reds pitcher Homer Bailey threw the first no-hitter of 2013 against the reigning World Series champion San Francisco Giants. For most Major League pitchers, that right there would have been good enough—great story, career highlight, now let’s go have a steak. But for Bailey, the story gets better. This was not his first no-hitter. In fact, it just so happens that Bailey also threw the last no-hitter of 2012. So, if you’re following along at home, that means Homer Bailey has thrown the last two no-hitters we’ve seen in the Majors.

Is that some kind of record, you ask? Well, not exactly. But it is extremely rare. The last time one pitcher was responsible for consecutive no-hitters was 1975, and the guy’s name was Nolan Ryan.

And by the way, this wasn’t one of those lame Johan Santana no-hitters, where the pitcher was aided by bad calls and lucky bounces. This was a no hit, one walk, nine strikeout performance.

Here’s the final out of the game and the subsequent on-field celebration with his teammates:

Of course, there’s no way Bailey was aware of just how historic his no-hit bid was while he was out there on the mound in the top of the 9th. He was probably just thinking, “golly, two no-hitters sure would be swell.”

Actually, he probably wasn’t thinking that. That’s just how I imagine a guy named Homer Bailey would talk.

In actuality, he was more likely thinking, “Okay Homer, don’t f*ck it up.”  After all, thanks to the postgame interview, we know f-bombs are part of Homer’s vocab:

Nice work, Homer. Now lets see you do it again.

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