Jacksonville Jaguars Considering RedZone Channel On Stadium Video Board During Games

nfl redzone tv

You know your football team really sucks when the only thing they can do to get more butts in the seats is promise to show other teams’ games on the stadium jumbotron.

Jacksonville Jaguars fans know what I am talking about. This week, Jags president Mark Lamping announced that the team is considering playing the NFL’s RedZone Channel on the new state-of-the-art video screens coming to EverBank Field in 2014. His reasoning for the hypothetical move? There are lots of “transplants” from other NFL cities in Jacksonville, as well as lots of “fantasy football enthusiasts,” and these people would love to be able to keep up on the other games.

Of course, anyone who has lived on the planet earth for the last four or five years knows damn well that, if you really need to watch other games, you can do so on your smartphone. So we all know what’s really going on here: people just don’t want to pay money to watch the Jags, and now the team is getting desperate.

Pretty sad, isn’t it?  Try to act like you’re surprised when the Jacksonville ROAR become the NFL’s first topless cheerleading squad.

Hat Tip – [Pro Football Talk]

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