Watch One of the Jonas Brothers Suck at Baseball (Video)

nick jonas terrible at baseball

Hey, remember the Jonas Brothers? They were that boy band that caused all those pre-teen girl shopping mall riots a few years back because they all took virginity pledges, or something like that.

Well, apparently some people still consider the Jonas Brothers to be “celebrities,” and one of them was invited to partake in the Dirk Nowitzki Heroes Celebrity Softball Game on June 29. Which one? Doesn’t matter. Let’s say it was Lenny Jonas.* The point is, one of them was invited to play softball for charity, and it turned out that he really, really sucked at running the bases.

Ergo this:

That was unfortunate. Of course, you can hardly blame the guy for his inability to focus. He’s 20 years old and he’s (supposedly) never been intimate with a lady. The guy probably has sex on his mind 24/7.

Nevertheless, everyone feel free to have a good hard laugh at his expense. He’s rich, so he can handle it.

*It was not Lenny Jonas. In fact, it was Nick Jonas, a.k.a. the one who dated Miley Cyrus, says Wikipedia.

Hat Tip – [Cut 4]

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