Drunk Sri Lankan Cricket Player Tries to Open Cabin Door During Flight, Mildly Upsetting Fellow Passangers

ramith rambukwella

Did you hear the one about the drunken Sri Lankan cricket player who mistook a plane’s cabin door for the bathroom and tried to open it at 35,000 feet, sparking a panic amongst the other 230 passengers on board?

No?  Well, it’s a true story. It went down on Monday. The Sri Lankan national cricket team was on a British Airways Boeing 777 from St. Lucia to London on Monday, and apparently they’d been drinking quite a bit in the four hours leading up to the flight. Thus, it wasn’t long before 21-year-old opening batsman (that’s a cricket thing) Ramith Rambukwella needed to relieve himself.

Unfortunately, the kid was so wasted that he couldn’t tell the bathroom door from the cabin door, and he actually tried to open the latter…for two minutes.

Seriously, two minutes. Lets forget that we all know it is impossible to open an airliner’s cabin door at 35,000 feet on account of the air pressure. How does anyone let that go on for two minutes?

Anyway, eventually Rambukwella’s (less wasted?) teammates were able to explain to him what he was doing, at which point he got upset, and then apologized to the crew and his fellow passengers for accidentally trying to kill them all.

As you would expect, the Sri Lankan Cricket people are going to be conducting and investigation into the situation. In a statement, they asserted that “Disciplinary action will be taken against the player concerned if he is found guilty.”

And I’m pretty sure he’ll be found guilty. I mean, does Ramith Rambukwella like to party?

ramith rambukwella partying with dog

Yeah, Ramith Rambukwella likes to party.

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