The 20 Greatest Wimbledon Style Icons

wimbledon style icons

Wimbledon has a lot of traditions, but the one that is perhaps most obvious to fans at home is their rule that all players must wear predominantly white clothing. And while you would think that this might limit the ability to players to dress stylishly and establish fashion trends, over the years the opposite has in fact been true. Wimbledon has produced more iconic looks that any of the other major pro tennis tournaments—perhaps because the wardrobe restrictions force players to be especially creative.

Today, with Wimbledon about to head into its final weekend wherein two new champions will be crowned, lets take a look at some of the greatest style icons in the history of the tournament. Not all of them are or were big names in the world of tennis, but they all made a splash at the All England Club for their notable fashion choices.

Ready? Then let’s do this.


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