This Might Be the Most Acrobatic Ceremonial First Pitch Ever (Video)

south korean gymnast first pitch

If there were such a thing as the Ceremonial First Pitch Hall of Fame, there are a few ceremonial first pitches that would gain automatic entry. That guy with no hands who threw out first pitches at Wrigley and Fenway with his feet? He’d make it. So would that kid who threw out the first pitch at the A’s game from Kansas City via internet robot, as well as that guy who casted the first pitch with a fishing rod at the Blue Jays game a few years back.

Today we have another nominee: Shin Soo-ji. She’s a former Olympic rhythmic gymast from South Korea, and on July 5 at the Doosan Bears-Samsung Lions game in Seoul, she threw out a very rhythmic gymnasticsy ceremonial first pitch.

Take a look:

If that weren’t a balk, it would make one hell of a pick-off move. In fact, maybe MLB should consider changing the rules a bit to allow this in actual games. Wouldn’t you love to see C.C. Sabathia try this?

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