Brazilian Soccer Referee Stabs Player to Death, Gets Dismembered and Beheaded by Player’s Family and Friends

brazilian soccer referee beheaded (Octavio da Silva Catanhede)

Stories about soccer players and fans attacking referees are pretty common, unfortunately. So are stories about referees attacking players and fans. But this here is a story about everybody attacking everybody—and it ends with two people dead.

It all happened back on June 30 in Santa Ines, Brazil, which is in the northeastern state of Maranhao. During an amateur soccer match at Pius XII stadium, a 30-year-old player named Josenir dos Santos Abreu disputed a call made by 20-year-old referee Octavio da Silva Catanhede Jordan. When the two could not come to an agreement, Catanhede Jordan instructed Santos Abreu to leave the field and, according to some reports, the player then kicked the referee. At that point—and it’s not clear whether it was in retaliation or self-defense—the young referee drew a pocket knife from his waist and stabbed Santos Abreu multiple times.

Abreu would die on his way to the hospital. However, it’s unclear whether he passed away before or after outraged fans— believed to be Santo Abreu’s family and friends—stormed the field and murdered Catanhede Jordan in the most brutal fashion you could imagine.

What did they do? They dismembered him, beheaded him, and reportedly placed his head on a spike in the middle of the field.

So far local police have arrested one man, 27-year-old Luis Moraes Souza. He has reportedly confessed to beating the referee, but not to the unspeakable acts that followed. Obviously they are also looking for other culprits.

In any case, if for some reason you are skeptical about this whole thing and wonder whether the referee was really beheaded…well, there is a video that shows the man’s body afterward. It is extraordinarily disturbing, however, so we’re only going to give you the link. If you’re in the mood for something macabre and you haven’t eaten anything in a while, you can check it out. But I honestly and truly do not recommend it.

Hat Tip – [Daily Mail]

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