27 Funny Anderson Silva Knockout Memes and Images

anderson silva knockout memes

Don’t follow UFC? That’s okay. I’ll get you all caught up with just one (long) sentence: on Saturday night, Anderson Silva, probably the greatest MMA fighter of all time, pound for pound, was knocked out by Chris Weideman...immediately after taunting him.

The shocking manner in which Silva got laid out by Weidman didn’t just end Silva’s impressive 16-bout winning streak, or his equally impressive 10-bout title defense streak. It also called into question the guy’s character and, therefore, his MMA legacy.

Oh, and it was kind of hilarious. And, as is always the case when hilarious things happen in the world of sports, the internet didn’t waste any time churning out memes and images commemorating this particular moment in sports history.

What’s a meme, you ask? I’ll let you look up the full definition on Wikipedia on your own. For now, let’s just say they’re series of funny pictures with a recurring theme. And in this case, the recurring theme is the great Anderson Silva getting his lights punched out.

Take a look…