Rogue Tire Nearly Takes Cameraman’s Head Off at F1 German Grand Prix on Sunday (Video)

f1 tire hits camera man

All things considered, cameraman Paul Allen is pretty lucky. On Sunday, the guy was hit by a flying tire at a Formula One event, and today…well, today he’s still alive.

During a pit stop at yesterday’s German Grand Prix in Nuerburgring, the Team Red Bull pit crew had some sort of problem attaching the right rear tire to the car of driver Mark Webber. Unfortunately, nobody told that to the guy manning the rear jack, and he let the car down—a universal sign for drivers to take off—before the wheel was properly attached.

Result? Runaway wheel on pit row.

The Lotus F1 pit crew was able to jump out of the way just in time, but Paul Allen, the aforementioned cameraman, wasn’t so lucky. He had his back to the scene, and the wheel flew up and hit him square in the back with considerable force.

Take a look:

As I said at the beginning, considering all the things that can go wrong in Formula One, Mr. Allen is actually pretty lucky.  He suffered “only” a broken collarbone, broken ribs, and a concussion.

Still, F1 didn’t just let this little mishap go unpunished. After the race, Red Bull was fined $44,700 (€30,000)—though that punishment was probably too small considering just how badly this error could have turned out.

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